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Elevator Parts Production

Web Development, Multimedia & E-Card

Content Management, CD Catalogue, Flash Catalogue


Correct display and work on all major browsers: IE9/10 - Safari, Chrome - Firefox - Opera, Order Forms, galleries and customised map plug-in functionality, Excellent site work and look on various mobile devices, Flexible ability to administrate site through the CMS, Support of mobile operation systems such as iOS, Android and Windows, Correct display and work on all major Resolutions: XGA - WXGA - HD - FHD, Amazing Intro Animation, smooth transitions and effects in CD Catalogue
Modiran Qataat Website
Modiran Qataat CD Catalogue

Multimedia & E-Card

Animation for attraction

More effects and animations can attract more customers in presentations and exhibitions

Multimedia & E-Card

Elevators for CD Catalogue

Amazing Elevator animation for the Main page in very high resolution for larger displays
Modiran Qataat CD Catalogue


Creating the new web experience.

Website is fully responsive and has a perfect look and work on all major browsers and mobile devices.
Site has contemporary design, well crafted navigation logic. Apart from that site is very easy to administrate and translate. Admin is able not only to change content itself, but also can manipulate element positions and icons.
Modiran Qataat Website

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