Sepahan Polymer CD Catalogue

Sepahan Polymer Co.

Polymer Importation Co.

Multimedia & E-Card

CD Catalogue, Flash Catalogue


Correct display and work on all major Resolutions: XGA - WXGA - HD - FHD, Product information & Compare - Gallery - Technical specifications functionality, Amazing Intro Animation & smooth transitions and effects, Excellent app work and look on various PC devices, Multi-language CD Catalogue, Support the light version for mobile operation systems such as iOS & Android, User-friendly and business oriented page, Video background
Sepahan Polymer CD Catalogue
Sepahan Polymer CD Catalogue

Multimedia & E-Card

Amazing Intro Animation

Designing an Awesome Intro Animation to Attract viewers.

Multimedia & E-Card

Mobile & Tablet

Develop Light version for Mobile & Tablet
Sepahan Polymer CD Catalogue Mobile & Tablet version


Creating the new way to presenting products

Providing the huge amount of data sheets and technical information in one package without any extra charge.
Also all information ready to use in several languages.
Sepahan Polymer CD Catalogue

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