3 Reasons: Why Good Design Matters

3 Reasons: Why Good Design Matters

Well yes, we’re a digital advertising agency and we’re in love with great design and creative approaches. But let’s be honest: love is neither something that can be measured or put into numbers nor does it exactly pay your bills at the end of the month. At least not like numbers would. So yes, of course we might just tell you „but you feel great design, isn’t that the best argument there can possibly be?“ and you could be like „yeah kind of“ - but would nevertheless look for proving concepts. You would simply not be convinced - at least as long as you’re really someone who aims for optimizing your business. True? Well, then this blogpost is just for you. So why - or rather how - does design actually work online? Why do companies invest several thousands of dollars into an awesome website instead of just taking a „do it yourself template“ for a radiculously cheep monthly fee?

Let’s first of all be clear about one thing: What does a website need to do? Simple: Communicating your vision. Convincing potential clients at first sight. Professionalism. Spreading the word. Feelings. Traffic. As you might notice all these components tend to work together and profit from one another. If you do not communicate your vision properly, chances are your website will not even reach the relevant target group. Hard task with a template website designed for thousands of users if you ask me. Next: if your website actually reaches them, yet without having a professional look - you will not convince and sell.

Therefore, if you want your website to communicate and convince it needs to be tailored to your needs. Your idea is special. Your vision is greater. Your business is the next big thing. So your story deserves to be told in a specific and unusual way. And only by that you can expect it to spread the word.

At this point you might be thinking, this was nothing new for you and all this just being self-evident stuff. You still do not exactly understand which channels you should approach in first place to actually make your website go through the roof. Generate traffic. Get attention. And even to climb the google ranking as fast as possible. And at this point I give you the answer: Web Awarding Websites.

Websites like Awwwards & theFWA will help you in several ways:

  • 1. They can help you to generate the initial traffic - which will boost your google ranking organically since your website is beeing viewed and shared thousands of times. Backlinks rings a bell, right?
  • 2. Being highly relevant websites themselves, a backling from an awarding platform will have a crucial effect on SEO, additionally.
  • 3. Your website might go viral after that wich will generate a network effect and even more potential backlinks - and set a trend, which will additionally boost your ranking up the hill.

And last but not least: Award platform users aren’t just designers without any other interests than web and graphics. They are first of all one - creative people. Trendsetting people. People with a bright audience using all possible social platforms who can potentially help to spread the word, too - or even be the target group themselves.

But even if they aren’t - there barely exists a more promising way to generate the initial relevance and critical mass for your website in first place. Let’s put it this way: It’s just the beginning of an endeavor. But I for my part would rather start it well prepared in a Land Rover than on a tricycle wearing flip-flops.

Sounds great huh? But of course there is one big issue: simple template do-it-yourself-websites do not win. And that’s where we come into play.

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