3 Values That Drive Us

3 Values That Drive Us

When helping clients define their strategy as a brand, one of the first questions we ask is “Why do you do what you do?” Answers to questions like this help us construct the foundation for their brand as a whole, and give it direction and meaning.

I recently sat in on a project kick-off and got to hear one of our clients communicate their values firsthand, and it occurred to me that we've never actually talked about our values as a company beyond the walls of our office.

We have the opportunity to mess up a lot during the course of our days, but our values are something we try to never compromise. Everyone who comes to work at Anchour shares these values before they walk through the door, and our clients ultimately hire us because this is who we are.

1. Put people first. Always.

Whether it’s taking care of our employees, or spending the extra hours on a project for a client, we can’t forget we’re doing all this for people. People - the ones we work for, collaborate with, or go home to at night - matter more than anything. We have, do, and always will prioritize people over profit.

2. Good enough is our enemy.

We want to always be raising the bar for our clients, our industry, and each other. “Good enough” is our enemy, because there’s always room for improvement in everything we do. We work hard, we’re constantly learning, and we only release work that we feel is truly great. This impacts everything.

3. Keep it simple.

Over time, we tend to run into complicated situations as a business, and the answer is always “simplify.” Whether it's the services we provide or strategies for growth, keeping things simple has proven to be the most successful approach.

Our values heavily characterize our day-to-day operations, the work we produce, and the way we interact with our clients. If we can accomplish nothing else as a company but we are insanely successful at maintaining our values, we’ll consider it a job well done.


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